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STEM Toys: No summer slide here!

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Happy summer vacation! While the break from the daily school schedule is great, the accompanying loss or "slide" of knowledge from the previous school year is not. Luckily, summer slide doesn't have to happen. Activities disguised as "toys" can help keep minds sharp. Fun things like reading a chapter book, writing a story, or making lip gloss are all ways to help. Here are few of our favorite STEM toys that will definitely keep kids thinking.

Create Your Own Lip Balm by Handcrafted Honeybee, Ages 7+  $29.99

Use cosmetic chemistry to create-your-own-lip-balm! These kits are built to help a kid feel smart, confident and creative. From testing out flavor and color combinations to mixing ingredients to melting and pouring the lip blam, each kit encourages thinking with both sides of the brain. Once you've made the lip balm, design your own labels too! Promotes creative expression and analytical thinking. Best for ages 7+ with adult supervision.

Chibitronics STEM Starter Set, Ages 8+ $34.99

Craft with circuits, electrify your world! Use these fun and easy peel-and-stick circuits to add electronics to any sticker-friendly surface. Light up art, walls, clothes, school projects and more! This kit includes a sketchbook with projects to follow. Once the book is complete, use your new skills to light up almost anything!

Tumbling Robot, Ages 8+  $34.99

Build a robot that walks, dances and rolls somersaults!  The attached booklet explains all the whys and hows – touching on concepts like gears, cranks and sensors.  Great rainy day fun!  Don’t forget to pick up two AA batteries at checkout. 

What are your favorite toys to keep young minds growing?

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