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Stock up for your classroom - Save 10%

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Gearing up  your classroom for the new school year?  Educators receive a 10% off discount when purchasing supplies for their classroom.  Thanks for helping to brighten the future for all of us!

Here's a few ideas for fun in the classroom!

Kinetic Sand, Ages 3+  $17.99

Kinetic Sand is 98% sand, 2% polymer and 100% like nothing you’ve ever touched. The sand kind of sticks together like wet sand, but is totally dry and has a sort of fluffiness to it.  This is great for kids with sensory issues.  And, is a great stress reliever for any desk, inside or outside a classroom.  Try it out before you buy, there’s some right at the front counter!

Magformers, Ages 3+  $24.99 for 14 piece set, $49.99 for 30 piece set, larger and smaller sets available.

These magnetic building blocks are a new classic!  Great for a preschool or grade school classroom.  Last spring a local third grade class was learning about magnetics, so they had a field trip to the store to experiment with our Magformers and a few other magnetic toys.  Sets are available from 6 to 62 pieces.

36" Inflatable Topographical Globe  $49.99

How cool would this look hanging from your classroom ceiling?!  Or take it outside for a game of giant globe catch!  Preview the one over our play table to see if you think it'll really help set off your classroom decor.

Have a spectacular day!

-Child's Play