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Stop the Summer Slide

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Oh no, the dreaded Summer Slide.  That time of year when memories of math lessons and history texts have started blur and get hazy.  That time of year when kids start to forget all the facts and time tables they learned during the school year, and now it's time to fight back!

Tell Me a Story by Eeboo, Ages 3+  $9.99

Broaden those creative skills with a deck of Tell Me a Story cards.  Select a few cards, probably 3 to 4 to start, and have your child make up a story that ties them all together.  Available in Animal Village, Volcano Island, Forest Mystery, Fairy Tale and Circus.

Eeboo Sketchbooks  $5.99

And, don't forget good ol' pen and paper - especially if it's as pretty as these sketchbooks from Eeboo.  Filled with unruled, medium bond paper these books are easy to pack for a plane, train or automobile trip.  

Number Ninjas, Ages 7+  $19.99

Build traps and block your way to the Japanese treasure!  You'll have to solve some math along the way, but you'll be having so much fun you won't have any time to complain or sigh heavily.  Two levels of play allow beginners and more experienced players to compete against each other.  Includes multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Have a smart day!

-Child's Play