Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Strolling along, singing a song...

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Portland_Toys_musical_gator This one tot band has everything you need, all contained on one wooden board.  Plus, it’s shaped like a gator!  Includes xylophone, drum pad, cymbal, wash board and 2 mallets.  Cha cha cha!


This bird makes a really fantastic “CLICK!”  Easy to use, wooden and made to last.  Plus, secondary use – after New Year’s you could use it to help train your dog.  Click!


Get your budding rock star off to a head start with this 6-string guitar, sized just for little hands! With real metallic strings and tuning capabilities they’ll be rock-and-rolling all night long…or at least until bedtime.

Have a sing-songy kind of day!

-Child's Play