Child's Play Toy Store in Portland


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Get outside and soak up some vitamin D!  Here's some new toys that might help entice the kiddos out into the yard: toys_in_portland_smakaball

Ready, Aim...Smak it!  Catch the inflatable ball in the Smak Hoop, then hit, bop or flick it back at your opponent.  Sized for child or adult play, it works great as a leisurely game of catch or a competitive team game!  Fun at the park, in the pool, the backyard or the neighborhood!


This bird really flies!  With flapping wings and programmed bird calls (which can be turned off) it's a bit like a cross between the classic Tim: The Amazing Bird and a remote control plane.  Rechargeable batteries, a 20 meter flight path, and a flying duration of 5-8 minutes.  This will be so much fun on a sunny day!


Ready to start training your little tyke for their future NFL career?  This super soft, super squishy football is a great place to start.  Well this or teaching your toddler the steps to the super bowl shuffle. (1985 Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew performing The Super Bowl Shuffle)

What are your favorite outdoor toys?

Enjoy the sunshine!

-Child's Play