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Super Heroes, Super Toys!

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Justic League Figures by Schleich, $9.99 for single, $19.99 for Hero/ Villain combo packs

Superman, Batman, The Flash and The Green Lantern are here to save the day! Great for fans young and old. The figures are intricately detailed and well sculpted, just like you would expect from Schleich. POW!

Spiderman: Titan Hero Series, Ages 4+ $17.99

A classic action figure for classic fun. One bite from a radioactive spider turned Peter Parker into Spiderman - a web-slinging super hero with amazing powers! More heroes available soon!

Super Hero Capes, available in Star (red only) or Lightning Bolt (red or pink), sized for ages 3-9 $17.99

Dress up your little super hero! Capes are one of the easiest dress-up outfits. So easy, the kids can dress themselves! These capes are satin on the inside, fancy velvet on the outside and machine washable. 

What's your favorite super hero?

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