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Teachers love books (especially as gifts!)

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It's always nicer to give your teachers a small gift at the end of the school year. A thank you for the past year, and a celebration of the summer vacation just beginning. We love giving gifts that teachers can use in their classroom next year. Books are always a hit, especially when they are about a bear that learns to read!

Bears Don’t Read! Written and Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

George the bear is bored and tired of doing the usual bear things. He thinks this as he sits on his bench at the edge of the woods and stares off into the distant hills. Then one day while on a stroll he finds a book lying underneath a tree. In it he sees pictures of a bear just like him and lots and lots of words he doesn’t understand. He shows the other bears his book and tells them he wants to learn to read. His sister tells him, “That’s just silly! Bears don’t read!”  But, George is still determined to track down its owner and learn to read. This is a cute story about the adventure of reading and the exciting first moments of learning to read. Recommended for ages 4-6.


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