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Thanksgiving Talent Show Ideas!

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Thanksgiving is great!  Food, football, sales, giant parade balloons, people you love.  All great.  But, sometimes you need a little something else to fill the time between food and football and bedtime.  May we suggest an annual Talent Show!  Nothing too formal, no stage or audio equipment needed (unless you already have those in your home, in which case, may we come over and hang out?)  Each family member could do a short bit, whatever they would like.  In our families it would include tap dance numbers, a few lip sync routines and maybe a demonstration of keen Jumble word puzzle skills.  Not sure what your hidden talents are?  Here's a few talents you could develop by Thanksgiving! 

Mad Libs, Ages 5+  $3.99

Perform a stand-up routine with the help of Mad Libs!  Ask the audiences for a few nouns, adjectives and verbs, fill-in-the-blanks and you have an instant comedy bit!  Plus, kids will brush up on their grammar skills without even noticing.  

Juggling for the Complete Klutz by Klutz, Ages 8+  $14.95

Master a juggling routine!  You could use the balls included in the kit or the unused lemons from your turkey brine.  Do some tricks.  Set your routine to disco music.  Wear a yeti costume.  This has awesome potential!

Fun with Harmonica, Ages 8+  $19.99

Musically inclined?  Score!  Not so musically inclined?  Not a problem!  This kit will help you quickly and easily learn how to play the harmonica.  We guarantee you'll be able to play Jingle Bells by November 27th.  

What are your hidden talents?

-Child's Play