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The Elves are here!

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Holiday_Gifts_2012_Portland_elf_on_the_shelf Does your family have a Christmas Elf?  Elf on the Shelf is a new Christmas tradition that has become quite the sensation!  The day after Thanksgiving your elf "arrives" - to the wide-eyed delight of all your children.  The elf is a friend of Santa's and he's visiting to help keep an eye on things for the big man up north.  Each night, while everyone is asleep, the elf travels to the North Pole to tell Santa about the day.  When he returns he finds a new spot in your home to hang out.  When your kids wake up it's like a treasure hunt to find where the elf is!  (Check out Pinterest for some funny elf shots!  For example, next to a plate of half eaten cookies, cruising in a remote control car, zipping down a zip line through the house...just to name a few.)  However, if the elf is in the same spot from one day to another, that means someone wasn't on their best behavior and the elf stayed home so that Santa didn't find out.  After Christmas the elf heads back home to the North Pole, but returns again after next year's Thanksgiving.

Parents have shared adorable stories with us about children keeping siblings in line so that the elf will have only good things to say in his Santa report, conversations between little ones and their new elf buddy, and clever elf names (your family gets to name him, of course!)  This is one tradition we highly recommend!

To start your own family tradition we have a storybook and elf set, just for you!


Have a whimsical day!

-Child's Play