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Things to do in front of the air conditioner!

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We were planning on writing a post with backyard toy recommendations, but let's be real, no one is playing outside. So, in it's place, here are three top picks for toys that are great in front of the air conditioner.

Smallworld, Ages 8+ $49.99

Claim your kingdom! Smallworld is a zany, strategy game in which players vie for conquest and control of the board. Combine fantasy races and special powers to build your empire, but keep an eye on when it's time to decline your civilization in favor of a new one. 2-5 players. 

Magical Unicorn Jewelry Box Kit, Ages 5+ $19.99

When you're too hot and too tired, help the kids with this craft. Similar to paint-by-number, stick the foam dots and sparkles on top of the corresponding number. By the end you'll have a beautiful jewelry box! Plus, the only clean-up is throwing away the sticker backs.

Woolbuddy: Needle Felting Kits for Kids, Ages 8+ $19.99

OMG! Cutest kits ever! Have you tried needle felting? It's really easy, and kind of cathartic. Take a ball of wool and start poking it with a felting needle. As poke the wool it will mat and create a dense shape. Add more wool and colors to create a sculpture, like this adorable fox! Kits include instructions, wool and felting needles. 

What are your favorite air conditioning toys?

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