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Portland_toys_suspend_game_melissa_and_doug Suspend is the teetering, wobbling, shifting, tipping, unbalanced balance game.  Whew!  Hang pieces one at a time, but be careful - as you add pieces the balance changes.  Suspend looks different with every turn but the challenge remains the same:  Don't knock it down!


Make one for your friend and one for you!  Create your bracelets using the usual braiding and knotting techniques, but the Friendship Bracelet Maker makes it super easy!  No more safety pinning the end of the bracelet to your jeans.  Slide the string under the butterfly clip for tension, then use the thread guide to keep your pattern straight.  Lanyard Maker also available.


Build a giant warehouse and then knock it down!  How awesome is that?!  Kit includes a triple blast detonator with sounds & blasters, 36 walls, 2 trusses, 17 floors/ rooftops, 2 pipe bridges, 2 smokestacks, 1 storage tank and 36 footing clips.  Build unlimited structures, then use momentum and gravity to take them down.  Instruction manual with scientific explanations, also included.

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