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This week's favorites!

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We're always getting new toys in, and this week was a big week! Here's a few of our favorites:

Lolli-plush $9.99

Going to a birthday party? Tie a Lolli-plush on top of the package. Choose from mermaids, dinosaurs and lots of other animals! It's just the right touch to make your gift extra special. 

Swingy Thing, Ages 6+ $14.99

It's the Hand-Held Swingy Thing Spinning Game! You can whirl it! Twirl it! Spin it two ways at once! Get your hands and brain working together with this new brain twister. Great for travel, improving concentration, building motor skills, hand-eye coordination and stress relief for you too! Hypnotic, addictive and challenging for kids and adults alike!

Tasty Food Science: Fizzy Drinks, Ages 8+ $24.99

Make some cool refreshments this weekend in your very own bubbly beverage lab! Discover the principles that make drinks fizzy. Learn what happens when you sip one drink while smelling another. When you're ready, adjust the flavors and sweeteners to make your own signature drink! Includes equipment, recipes, lab book and accessories!

What's new with you?

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