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This year I will...

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How are your New Year's Resolutions coming along?  We're resolving to continue to provide you and your family with the greatest toys on Earth, and to always be a friendly haven for your enjoyment.  And, free gift wrapping, we'll keep doing that too. In our personal lives, Megan, one of our stupendous staff, has made a resolution to make and maintain a (somewhat dreaded) Chore Chart.  And, it just so happens that we have this beaut in stock:


Use the provided responsibilities to fill in your Responsibility Goals, then give yourself a smiley face magnet for each day you accomplish the task.  Lots of common chores like load the dishwasher, cleaning up room and brushing teeth are included.  As well as some great non-chore responsibilities, i.e. stop whining, show respect and keep hands to yourself.  Great teaching tool for young and old!

Plus, we have an awesome assortment of small and large prizes for chore chart completion and/or resolution upholding!  Stickers, animal figurines and Japanese erasers all make great prizes!

Have a wonderful start to your New Year!

-Child's Play