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Tiny Treasures

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Mini Gem Bottles  $1.50

These are the most perfect tiny treasure.  Pocket-sized bottles filled with polished gems and capped with a cork.  Perfect for fairy gardens or display shelves in little bedrooms.

Bling String Bead Kit, Ages 8+  $4.99

These candy shaped bead kits are so cute!  Create rings or a bracelet with each kit.  Or get a bunch of kits and make necklaces, headpieces, rings, bracelets and anything else you can imagine!  Great for party favors.

Charm-it Charms  $4.99

Charms are the classic tiny treasure.  We just a shipment of new designs, this locket being one of them.  Pick up a necklace or bracelet to hook all your charms on!  Lots of designs to choose from - rainbow skateboards, soccer balls, tacos wearing sombreros and more!

Satin Gift Bags  $2.99 each

And, of course you'll need somewhere to keep all your tiny treasures.  These satin gift bags are the perfect size to keep everything together and not lost.  Plus, they make anything look like a fancy gift!

What are you favorite tiny treasures?

-Child's Play