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Today is National Rock Collecting Day!

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Break Open Real Geodes, Ages 6+  $19.99

Find crystal treasure!  This science kit is sure to inspire your scientist of the next generation.  Includes an adventure guide, activity booklet and of course, geodes.  All 4 geodes are roughly 1.5" - 2", and two types of geodes are included.  Geodes also available individually, $3.99 each.

Gems/ Rocks & Minerals of the USA  $4.99 each

Get your rock collection started right!  16 rocks, gems and minerals for under $5.  No need for mining equipment.

Rock Science Kit  $9.99

Looking for something more advanced than the rocks above?  This kit teaches you how to test, classify and identify using the tools and 15 rock specimens.  Discover the world around you!

Rock Tumbler by Science Tech, Ages 8+  $59.99

Polish up all those rocks you find on your daily adventures!  The exclusive safety dome protects small fingers - totally safe for kids.  Add your polished rocks to your collection or make crafts!  Custome jewelry anyone?!

These are just our favorite rock themed toys.  Stop by to see our whole selection!

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