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Toddler Board Games

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We love board games!  Child's Play has a selection that goes all the way from 18 months to adult.  That's right, board games starting at 18 months!  Even at 18 months kids can learn how to take turns, complete simple matching tasks, and even solve basic logic puzzles.  Here's our top toddler picks:


The game is simple:  Pick a card, hide sunshine, have fun finding sunshine.  But, amongst all the fun it teaches your toddler positional words (like in, on, below, next to…), how to follow directions and gross motor skills.  This is an excellent first game!  Fun for baby, fun for older siblings and fun for you!  Check out the video review here:


This fun game is for children 18 months and up.  It has a GIANT, soft dice that coordinates with 6 color coded action cards.  Roll the cube, identify the color, pick that color card and have fun acting it out together.  Where else can you win the game by mooing like a cow, rubbing your belly, and counting to 5!


This one player game encourages kids to think outside the box.  Use the blocks and bunny to solve one of the 60 logic puzzles, ranging from easy to expert, or just play with the pieces as wooden toys.  This 3-D puzzle will help build spatial, logical reasoning and strategic planning skills.  Truly one-of-a-kind, this game is definitely a must buy.

What are your favorite games to play with the under 3 set?

Have a fun and exciting day!

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