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Top Five Gifts for Dads

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Do you have a Father's Day gift yet? We asked our staff what the worst Father's Day gift they ever got their dad was. Megan said, "We got him socks. Plain, white socks for work. He said it was what he wanted. But, geez, that was a lame gift." Don't fall prey to lame gifts this year. Stop by Child's Play to get the best gifts for dad. We specialize in gifts for kids and kids at heart (a.k.a. your dad.)

Tabletop Foosball, Ages 5+ $34.99

You might not have room for a full-size foosball table, but this tabletop version is perfect for any living room. Play on the dining room table, the coffee table or the floor! Spins allowed, depending on house rules. 

Stunt Squadron Airplane Kit, Ages 5+ $19.99

Here's something you and dad can do together! Each kit comes with 5 pre-assembled planes to color and decorate. Sunday's weather is supposed to be great! You'll be flying and gliding all day!

Hiking and Biking Books, $14.95-$16.95

Have an outdoorsy dad? These hiking and biking books are meant just for him! Hiking for kids in Oregon is just what it sounds like - over 100 hikes in Oregon that are big fun for little feet. Babies in the Woods is perfect for any new parent wanting to share their love of the outdoors with their little ones. Full of tips and ingenious solutions for a variety of outdoor activities - day hikes, backpacking, car camping, boating and more. The third title shown, Bicycling with Children, is a complete how-to guide written by a bicycle touring instructor and her young daughter. This guide will quickly answer your questions on choosing your child's first bike, safety lessons, maintenance, fun family rides and more.

Classic Harmonica, Ages 8+ $5.99

Have a musical dad? Have a good, ol' fashioned sing-a-long! This classic harmonica is in the key of C and has 20 holes. Want to really get a family band going? Pick up maracas too!

Giant Wind Up Toy Soldier, Ages 3+ $14.99

Dads love wind up toys. It's a fact. And, this wind up? Well, he's the grand master of them all! This guy stands 10" tall! And he dances! It'll make dad chuckle. Promise.

What are you getting your dad for Father's Day?

-Child's Play