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Top Toys for Christmas 2013

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Spirograph is back! Use the classic wheels and rings to create millions of amazing designs! Includes wheels, pens, paper, design guide and more!


Get your budding rock star off to a head start with this 6-string guitar, sized just for little hands! With real metallic strings and tuning capabilities they’ll be rock-and-rolling all night long…or at least until bedtime.


This modern day bow and arrow is perfect for the outdoor kid.  Includes 3 super soft arrows (one of which is a suction arrow!)  Shoots arrows over 125 feet!  Plus, it's from a Portland company - support local!


Have you heard of Goldie Blox?  This pro-engineering toy for girls been getting lots of press coverage lately, and we just got it in stock!  Read Along, Build Along and Spin!  Follow the included story of Goldie and her motley crew.  Help Goldie solve problems by building with her.  She'll show you the pieces and how they work.  Includes book, pegboard, building components, characters and 16 design ideas.

What's on your list this year?

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