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Toys_in_Portland_kinetic_sand If your family loves Bubber, you should try out Kinetic Sand! The newest product from Waba Fun, Kinetic Sand is 98% sand, 2% polymer and 100% like nothing you’ve ever touched. The sand kind of sticks together like wet sand, but is totally dry and has a sort of fluffiness to it. Great for molding and building, great for sensory skills. Try it out before you buy, there’s some right at the front counter!


Get your budding rock star off to a head start with this 6-string guitar, sized just for little hands! With real metallic strings and tuning capabilities they’ll be rock-and-rolling all night long…or at least until bedtime.


This modern day bow and arrow is perfect for the outdoor kid.  Includes 3 super soft arrows (one of which is a suction arrow!)  Shoots arrows over 125 feet!  Plus, it’s from a Portland company – support local!

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