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Toys for a barbecue (for an outside or inside kid)

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It's national barbecue weekend! Well, maybe not officially, but it might as well be called that. Toys for the kids can make or break any barbecue. Here are a few suggestions, a board game for kids that like hanging out inside and two outside ideas for a little bit more active fun. 

Tenzi, Ages 7+ $14.99. Also available 77 Ways to Play Tenzi card set $9.99

Looking for fun in the shade, seated at a picnic table? Yeah, we like that sometimes too. Tenzi is a rollicking dice game for 4 people. Everyone gets ten dice. Someone says "GO." Then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until someone gets all their dice on the same number. It's a fun, fast frenzy. Want more frenzied fun? Pick up a pack of Ways to Play cards and instantly have 77 more games to play!

Z Curve Bow, Ages 8+ $34.99

Looking to host an archery tournament before you chow down on some grub? Excellent idea. The Z Curve Bow, by Oregon company Zing Toys, is a kid-friendly bow with a slingshot style loading system. Each bow comes with three super soft arrows. Zing!

Fire Power Hose Backpack, Ages 5+ $14.99

Looking for some "wild & crazy kids" style fun? Arm your water fight participant with a heavy duty water sprayer. This Fire Power Hose can shoot over 30 feet with just one pump! It's crazy cool. Seriously, look at the kid on the box. This is some intense fun!

What are your favorite barbecue activities?

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