Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Toys for a sunny, doesn't-feel-like-winter weekend!

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Breezy Fliers, available in Elsa, Minions or Iron Man, Ages 8+ $19.99

Heading to the beach this weekend? Lucky you! Don't forget a kite! Mini flyers available too!

Firetek Mini Bow by Zing Toys, Ages 5+ $14.99 sale price through 2/28/15 (original price $19.99)

Burn some energy off in the sunshine! These arrows fly up to 35 feet! Have a busy day and want to play at night instead? No problem! Turn the arrow on and watch them light up the night sky.

La Isla Board Game, Ages 10+ $34.99

After a day of fresh air and sunshine, a board game at the kitchen table is one of the best ways to cap off the day! This new-to-us game has a cult following that we'll sure you'll be apart of after just one time through. Explore "La Isla" and find animal species long thought extinct. Great strategic play and clever challenges. 2-4 players.

What are you doing this weekend?

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