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Happy Monday! Have you heard of Wonder Dads?  They're an online community of dads that supports and celebrates the moments when Dads go beyond the usual, the routine and the mundane to do extraordinary things with their kids.  On their website you can find neighborhood guides, a local event calendar, ideas for kid activities and conversations, and more.  Right now they are hosting a Wonderdads Fantasty Baseball League!  Join a "watered down" league for you and your 2-10 year old, or if you have older children start a regular fantasy team thru Wonderdads' ESPN login.  Details here.  Sign up soon!


And, once you get your team setup you'll probably have some energy to burn.  Here's a few of our favorite Active toys!  And, since we're in Oregon, these are all great for indoor or outdoor play!


Use the Air Pogo Jumper to jump up &down and bounce & spin.  Kind of like a pogo stick but without the stick.  Improves coordination, burns calories and uses up a lot of squirrely kid energy!  Use indoor or outdoor.  Pump included.  Children of the 80s will recognize these from their numerous commercials shown primarily on Nickelodeon.


Magic Moves is a great game for kids with energy!  The magic mic is pre-programmed with 90 fun movements, like Stomp like a Dinosaur, Wiggle like a Worm, and Hop like a Frog, plus 26 musical tunes withmatching light shows.  The silly movements and catchy tunes will get any kid up and moving!


The Socker Boppers Power Bag is an excellent way to use up all that extra kid energy!  Thanks to an adjustable weight system this power bag can be set to beginner, medium or super power.  Fill, blow up, and start sockin' it to it!  Socker Bopper Gloves sold seperately.

Have a very energetic day!!

-Child's Play