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Travel Toys: Etch A Sketch

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Hey there! So, going along with yesterday's theme of travel toys, we thought we'd share a few more ideas!

Do you remember Etch A Sketch from your childhood?  We sure do, and the classic toy is still, well, a classic!  And, newly back in stock!  These are a great no-mess way to fulfill the creative needs of any kid while trapped in the car or sitting still at a restaurant.  Make a masterpiece, then shake or swipe it away and make a new one!  Great for drawing games of tic-tac-toe too.

Available in 3 styles and 5 sizes here's everything you need to meet your Etch A Sketch needs:


For your littlest guys try this model by Battat.  Use the magnetic pen to draw your image, decorate with the magnetic animal stamps, then swipe clean with the knob on the side.  Complete with padded back, it's perfect for travel!  Ages 18 mos. +


Here is the classic Etch A Sketch.  Medium sized, double knobs, shake to erase.  Awesome, classic fun!  Ages 3+

Also, available in pocket-size.  Small enough to fit in mom's purse!  Ages 3+


Don't want to mess with knobs?  Just want to draw your picture?  Try out a Doodle Sketch by Etch A Sketch!  Use the magnetic wand to make a masterpiece, then swipe it away and do it again!  Ages 3+

Have a creativity filled day!

-Child's Play