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Travel toys for Thanksgiving weekend!

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Yesterday we shared some fun board games and a craft kit to keep your company entertained on Thanksgiving, check it out here, but what if you're the one traveling?  Here's some great toys that will keep your kids busy on a plane, train or car.

Obstacles, Ages 5+  $17.99

No board, no small pieces, just cards in your hands.  Plus, everyone works together, so there's no arguing over who won.  In this game of imaginative solutions players work together to navigate through the hazards and barriers your team is dealt.  Each player selects one object card from their hand and explains to the group how they will use it to get everyone past the obstacle.  Vote on your favorite and keep playing.  Cultivates imagination, invention and cooperation.

Cubebots, available in 3 sizes, original or ninja, Ages 3+  $7.99-$24.99

Unfold your robot, play some robot games, then twist, fold and contort your robot back into a cube.  Figurine and logic puzzle all in one!  We tried one in the store and it was trickier than it looks.  Definitely good for when you have to stay in your seat.  When the kids are done, parents can give it a try too!

Water Wow Coloring Books by Melissa & Doug, Ages 2+  $4.99 each

Mess free coloring!  Fill the special with water, then use the pen to color the pages.  Similar to paint with water, but with an easy-to-use, no mess pen.  Your toddler decides to "color" all over the seatback tray?  No problem, it's just water!  Lots of themes available.  

What are your favorite toys to take when traveling?

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