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Tuesday Tomes: The World According to Humphrey

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Summer is the perfect time for reading!  Pull up a chair or a picnic blanket or just some grass, grab a book and settle in.  If you need something good to get you in the reading groove or you're already in the groove and you've read everything in the house, stop by and pick up something!  Anne was thinking something likeThe World According toHumphrey, would be perfect! Education_Toys_in_Portland_the_world_according_to_humphrey

Humphrey is a classroom pet with a lot of curiosity and a very big heart. He takes turns going home with different students in Room 26 and learns a lot about the variety of personalities and ways to be a helpful friend to each child. Saya is very shy, but he helps her come out of her shell a bit. AJ’s family is so loud and always watches TV. Humphrey has a clever plan to change that.  He plays matchmaker with the lonely janitor named Aldo and gets into all kinds of suspenseful adventures outside of his cage. He thinks the teacher hates him, but could that be true? He’s so lovable! My third grader loved this book. It would be a great summer reading title for ages 7 and up. There are lots of Humphrey adventures if you like this one!

Have an insightful day!

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