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Tuesday Tomes: Abiyoyo

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In preparation for Father's Day, may we recommend a book that centers around the special bond of a father and son, and throws in a little adventure.  Folk singer Pete Seeger wrote this beautiful sing-song book, and Michael Hays filled it with magical illustrations.  Not only is this a great one for dad, it's also perfect for story time or music appreciation with your preschooler or kindergartener.  See Zena's review below! Educational_Toys_In_Portland_Abiyoyo

A magician father and musician son are ostracized from their town for their seemingly mischievous talents and continue living on the outskirts. When the legendary monster, Abiyoyo, decides to visit the town, everyone hides in fear. The musician son runs up to the monster and charms him with his ukulele.  Fun illustrations allow the readers to sing along and entrance Abiyoyo until he falls down. At this point the magician father makes the monster disappear and the the two are welcomed back into the town as heroes.

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Happy (early) Father's Day!

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