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Tuesday Tomes: Arrietty and the Borrowers

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Hey there!

Happy first day of spring!  The weather may have missed the "Let's start springtime" memo, but you can still get some virtual flowers and springy cheeriness at Google's homepage today.  Click here to see the cuteness we're talking about.

Today's book review comes from Zena, and focuses on one of her childhood favorites!


The Borrowers, by Mary Norton, is a beautiful tale about a family of tiny people who live under the floorboards of a grand house. They must “borrow” things from the humans in order to live; small things like thimbles, sugar cubes, and safety pins. Borrowing can be very dangerous and fourteen-year-old Arrietty has not yet been allowed to venture into the big house. When the time comes for her first borrowing with her father’s guidance, all goes well until the eyes of a human open right next to where they stand! A new human boy has moved into the house and has seen the little people. Usually this means the humans will be quick to hire the exterminator, but Arrietty has a feeling she can trust the boy. Are the Borrowers safe or will they have to find a new home?  Ages 9+

Also, the film The Secret World of Arrietty, based on this book, is still playing in a few local theaters.  See it on the big screen before it's too late!

Check back in tomorrow for a run down of what's new in the store!

Have a springy day!

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