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Tuesday Tomes: Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale Problem

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Did you know there's a new book review right here each Tuesday?!  Seriously, no pulling your leg!  Every Tuesday you'll find a new "Tuesday Tome" post highlighting one of our favorite picture, board, non-fiction or young adult books!  If you missed any of our previous posts or are looking for "that one book we mentioned a few weeks ago that sounded cool", click the "books" link under Categories on the right hand side to see all of our reviews. Now that we have that out of the way, here's Sarah with her review of Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale Problem.


A blue whale is longer than thirty dogs lined up nose to tail. Its tongue weighs as much as four hundred cats. Blue whales make terrible, terrible pets. Just ask Billy Twitters.

Billy Twitters will not clean his room. His mother threatens to buy him a blue whale, which he thinks is absurd and completely impossible. After all, it’s not like you can just have a blue whale delivered to your door, right?

Wrong! Billy Twitters actually does get a blue whale and it is a bigger problem than he ever imagined. He can’t go anywhere without the whale and it seriously cramps his style. Find out how he solves his whale problem with an ingenious idea in this beautifully illustrated whale of a tale.

Have a whale of a day!

-Child's Play