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Tuesday Tomes: Dominic

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Hello! Do you ever get that itch to brush off the dust of your sleepy little town and see the world?  Well, have we got a book for you!  Today Chrissy is sharing one her favorite chapter books with us!  And, it just so happens to be in stock!  Enjoy!


Dominic is a dog who longs for adventure, so one day he grabs his trusty piccolo and his collection of hats and sets out on the road. Along the way he meets all sorts of characters, who are affected and taken in by his kindness and good-naturedness. As a result and through no effort of his own he quickly comes into good fortune. All is not rosy for Dominic however, because along the way he is followed and pursued by various members of the Doomsday Gang, a group of wild animals who go around causing trouble and tormenting everyone. What will become of Dominic? You just have to read to find out! This book holds appeal for all ages and has a wonderful message!

Have an adventure-filled day!

-Child's Play