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Tuesday Tomes: Me Jane

BooksMegan PeronaComment

Today just seems like it needs a sweet story.  The sunshine, the cooler fall air breezing in, bright red and gold marigolds blooming on the sidewalk - man oh man it makes us want to curl up in a big chair twice our size and read a nice, sweet, heartwarming story.  A story like this one: Educational_Toys_Portland_me_jane

A Caldecott Honor Book by Mutts comic creator and award-winning picture book author Patrick McDonnell.  Me Jane tells the inspiring story of primatelogist Dr. Jane Goodall’s girlhood.  Follow Jane and her stuffed monkey Jubilee, as she climbs trees, reads Tarzan of the Apes, and experiences the wonders of nature which become a part of her and the amazing woman she is to become.  A lovely read aloud for ages 4+.

Hope you have a heartwarming day!

-Child's Play