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Tuesday Tomes: My Father's Dragon

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Let's talk dragons.  This is one of our favorites: Portland_Toys_Pete's_Dragon

That's Pete from Pete's Dragon.  This film is the perfect example of 1970s Disney movies - cheesy songs, stories of lost love and Mickey Rooney.

But, as much as we love Pete, the Dragon Story trilogy by Ruth Stiles Gannett takes the cake, as far as favorite dragon stories go.  Here's Zena with a review of the first book in the series:


My Father’s Dragon, by Ruth Stiles Gannett, is a fantastic, adventuresome, hilarious tale!  A young boy befriends a stray cat who tells him of a far off land where a baby dragon is held captive. The boy packs his backpack full of snacks, gum, lollipops, magnifying glasses, hair ribbons, and other such items and sets off for the Wild Island, where he hopes to set the dragon free and fly on its back!! On the island, he meets several ferocious beasts and only narrowly escapes being eaten by enticing them with his curious goods from home.

The chapters are the perfect length for beginning readers and are packed with delightful illustrations. This is a wonderful story of creativity and courage, great for reading aloud or for a first chapter book.  Recommended for ages 5+.

Don’t forget the rest of the trilogy: Elmer’s Dragon and The Dragons of Blueland!!

Thanks Zena!

Hope you find yourself ever prepared today - you know with things like crossword books, snacks and gum - things Elmer would have packed!

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