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Tuesday Tomes: Pirates!

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Ahoy matey!  Today we have something different from our usual picture books and novels.  That's right, we've got a work of Non-Fiction!  Just as spectacular and interesting as the most far-fetched sci-fi and fantasy novels out there, this book is chock-full of centuries old stories of Pirates.  Have you ever heard about the pirate that...oh, oops, we'll let Sarah tell you about it in the review! Educational_Toys_Portland_Lives_of_Pirates

So you think you know your pirates, do you?...

Have you ever heard of Madame Cheng, the notorious female pirate in command of the largest pirate gang in history? Did you know that the famous pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, went from being the “terror of the Spanish Main” to the governor of Jamaica, or that vicious pirate, Mary Read, had a sea captain father who insisted on raising her as a boy and even calling her Mark?! What?! These are things that a true pirate enthusiast must know!

Inside the pages of this book, you will find entertaining biographies of the world’s pirate captains, some legendary and some largely unknown. You’ll find accounts of the captains’ terrifying brutality, peculiar quirks, marvelous treasure and sometimes comical blunders. Sure to entertain from beginning to end, with hilarious, caricature-like illustrations, this is an essential part of any pirate-lover’s library.

Recommended for all daring swashbucklers, ages 10 and up.

Thanks for sharing Sarah! Also, the new movie The Pirates: Band of Misfits, created by Aardman Studios (the people who brought us Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run) is fantastic!  Highly recommended by the Child's Play Staff!  Great for young and old pirates!

Have a swashbuckling day!  Hope you find some gold doubloons!

-Child's Play