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Tuesday Tomes: Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

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With Fourth of July only a day away we thought it'd be nice to share a book that embodies some of those values and "truths that we hold self-evident".  Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon is a great story about walking proud, smiling big and believing in yourself.  Here's Chrissy with the rest of the review: Educational_Toys_Portland_Stand_Tall_Molly_Lou_Melon

Molly Lou Melon is short and clumsy, has buck teeth and  a squeaky voice but she has always taken her grandmother’s advice: “Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you too.” So she did. She learned to walk proud, smile big, and sing loud. Then she enters a new school, starts first grade, and the biggest, baddest bully decides to pick on her the very first day, but Molly Lou Melon knows just what to do about that... This is such an inspiring story! Sure to help inspire confidence in your child. Recommended for: Pre-K.

Hope you go confidently into your day!

-Child's Play