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Tuesday Tomes: The Animal Family

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Hello hello! It's Tuesday again!  And, around here that means it's Tuesday Tomes - time for a book review!  Today's review is by one of our resident book experts Chrissy.  After Megan read this review she had to start reading the book herself!


I want to live in this book! This is a serene and magical story that takes place in the woods. It begins when a hunter, who lives alone, brings a mermaid home to live with him. The mermaid in turn brings a bear and the bear brings a lynx and they all live together as a family in the woods. Written by poet Randall Jarrell, with decorations by Maurice Sendak, this book has a poetic cadence and would make a soothing bedtime book. It also has a lovely message that family isn’t always about blood but about the people you love!

That is an awesome message!

Have a day full of family and friends!

-Child's Play