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Tuesday Tomes: The Penderwicks

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What does summertime mean to you?  To us it means walks in the park, playing outside, barbecues, bubbles and summer reading.  Not the type of summer reading from childhood where you put off your assigned list until two days before Labor Day.  No, we mean the type of reading done in a hammock or in a patio chair or on a blanket in the grass.  The type of reading that leads to deep breaths of fresh air and maybe a nap (fingers crossed). Here today is a book perfect for summertime reading.  Thanks to Chrissy for the review!


A great summer read about the magical summer four sisters have when they vacation at an estate dubbed Arundel. This book had me at “mermaid pajamas.” There is Rosalind, 12, she’s the practical one. Skye, 11, is hot-tempered and a bit of a tomboy. Then there’s Jane, 10, she wants to be a writer. Batty, 4, is the youngest and never goes anywhere without her butterfly wings. Finally, there is their father the botanist, who always speaks in latin when he’s in a good mood. The fun starts when the girl’s meet an interesting boy on the property who leads them into all sorts of adventures!  The girl’s just need to look out for snobby Mrs. Tifton, the owner of the estate.  Recommended for ages 7+

And, if you're looking for a summer reading program for the kiddos the Multnomah County Library's Summer Reading Game just got started on the 15th.  And, it's not too late to sign up!  Click here for registration and more info!  Programs built for ages 0-18.

Hope today allows you some time to read a good book and let your imagination run for a bit!

-Child's Play

P.S. Yesterday we shared some NEW toys and promised to share more through out the week.  Check back tomorrow for more NEW toys!