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Tuesday Tomes: We love Richard Scarry!

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Hey there! We've got some extra excitement brewing in the store!  On Saturday, March 10 (less than two weeks from now!) we will be celebrating Richard Scarry Day!  The author will not be present, but characters from Northwest Childrens Theater's Busytown production will be here!  There will be story time, coloring pages and free photos!  So, mark your calendars now and don't miss all the fun!  Click here for more event details.  And here for details on NW Childrens Theater's Busytown production.

In preparation for the big event, we've been re-reading all of our favorite Richard Scarry stories.  Today, Megan is here to share her all-time favorite Richard Scarry book with you.  Enjoy!


When I was growing up, one of my favorite books was Richard Scarry's Best Word Book Ever.  I still have my original copy and it is well loved, to say the least.  The corners are non-existent, a few pages are missing and the binding is held together with half a roll of packing tape.  I love this book!

Each 1 or 2-page spread is themed, ranging from the standard alphabet and numbers, to useful info like "how to get dressed" and "parts of the body."  There's also pages of trucks and vehicles, things inside a house, career options, doctor visits, and even "little things", just illustrations of random small things you come across during the day.

The illustrations are simple and sweet.  The vocab is useful, and clever, with enough wit to entertain mom and dad.  There isn't a "story", but questions are included on every page, prompting kids to think about and really look at what's included in the drawings and around them.  The best part is that this is a highly educational book, disguised with fun and whimsy.  A must for every library collection!

Have a fantastic day!

-Child's Play