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Tuesdays Tomes: Sock Monkey Love

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Hello! Today we're focusing on sock monkeys.  We just got these awesome slingshot style Flying Sock Monkeys!  Hook your fingers in their hands, pull 'em back and let 'em fly.  You can even hear them "scream" while they shoot across the sky!


And, we also have the fantastic book Timothy and the Strong Pajamas, in which Timothy's best friend is a sock monkey.


Here's Zena's review:

Timothy and the Strong Pajamas is the superhero adventure tale of Timothy the mouse and his best friend, Monkey. Timothy can't bear the idea of replacing his favorite torn pajamas, so his mother repairs them to be extra strong. When Timothy puts them on again, he has a new amazing strength! He uses this super power to help people in danger, until the pajamas rip just when Monkey needs his help! Full of bright illustrations, this book is great for story time.  Best for an audience age 4 and up.

And, for all your other sock monkey needs we have Make Your Own Sock Monkey Kits, baby plush sock monkeys, sock monkey coin purses, sock monkey umbrellas and even a GIGANTIC sock monkey swinging from the ceiling!

Have a spectacular day!

-Child's Play