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Valentine's Day is almost here!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

We're all a twitter with love and hearts and happiness!  It's almost Valentine's Day!  Are you getting some Valentine's treats for your kiddos?  If so, here's a few ideas! Toys_in_Portland_high_intencity_charm_cutie_pie [pinit] A cutie pie for your cutie pie!  Get a rainbow bracelet or necklace to hook it on and you're all set!  Lots of other fun charms to pick from too!


Something sweet and funny?  Gummy mustaches are the perfect thing!



This guy makes quite the impact!  Huggable, colorful and quirky!  And, don't worry he may be called a fire dragon, but he doesn't really blow any fire out of his nostrils.


You can always make a heart shaped pizza, too!

Have a happy day!

-Child's Play