Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Vroom, vroom!

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Toys_in_Portland_nitro_micros Nitro Micros are mini vehicles that roll super fast.  Available in a variety of types:  race car, ambulance, garbage truck, street name a few.  No batteries, super fast, super fun cars!


Isn't this the coolest carrying case you've ever seen?!  Load your nitro micros, then turn the knob to send vehicles down the spiral ramp!  The Gravity Launcher (not pictured) is also available.  Load 5 cars at a time and send them down the gravity ramp!

message racermood racer

                   Message Racer (left), $9.99                                                                     Mood Racer (right), $7.99

Looking for cars that are just a bit bigger?  Try out the new options from Marble Racers!  The original Marble Racer is similar in size and shape to a Hot Wheel, but lights up when it gets zooming!  The new options include Marble Jets, Glow Racers, Mood Racers (they change colors!), and Message Racers - that let you play and record your own messages!  All cars compatible with Marble Racer track.  And, they're made in the USA!

What's your favorite car?

Have a zippy day!

-Child's Play