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Want to Start a Band?

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Confetti Guitar, Ages 3-8 $34.99

Your band will most likely need a guitar.  This one is great for beginners!  6 metallic strings, sized for little hands and super colorful!

Accordion, Ages 7+ $29.99

Planning on being a hipster band from Portland?  You’ll need an accordion.  Full-size accordions  can be a little hefty for kids, so try out this mini one!  The Little Red Accordion is a classic toy that no toy box (or playroom band) should be without.  Easy to learn instruction sheet with songs included.

Rock On! Drum Set, Ages 3+ $12.99

Someone has to keep the beat.  This desktop drum set is portable, appropriately rockin’ and has all the pieces you need to keep your band mates moving right along.  Includes three tom-toms, 2 drumsticks and a cymbal.

Rock on!

-Child’s Play