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Bunch O Balloons  $12.99

Fill and tie 100 balloons in 60 seconds! Connect the bunch to a hose or water spigot and fill. When the balloons are full they automatically disconnect, already tied! No mess, no stress! Great for parties or family reunions. Our manager used them at her son's birthday party and loved it! No line of kids waiting for you to fill and tie their next balloon. One-time use. 

Pumponator  $14.99

The best way to fill water balloons.  Fill the pump with water, slide the balloon on and pump it up!  Once the balloon is full, use the attached tying tool to easily make a knot.  Plus, it comes with 300 biodegradable balloons!  And, P.S. it was invented by a kid!

Paw Patrol Water Rescue Pack, Ages 3+  $17.99

Save the day and get soaked! Blasts water over 30 feet! Holds enough water for plenty of fun. No need to be constantly refilling. Paw Patrol is on a roll!

What are your favorite toys to help cool down on summer days?

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