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Water Balloons - Stock Up Now!

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Have you seen this idea for Ice Balloons?  We just pinned it! Toys_In_Portland_Water_Balloons_Ice Balloons

In the winter, fill leftover water balloons with water and add food coloring, once frozen cut the balloons off & they look like giant marbles!  So, since water balloons aren't really a year round item, you should totally stock up now!  Plus, we have lots of other water toys to help keep you cool!

And, because it's so darn hot outside we're offering 25% off all Water and Beach Toys!

Whenever predicts a 90+ degree day in Portland (zip code 97210) during the month of August, all water and beach toys will be 25% off for that day!   That means water balloons, squirt guns, sprinkler attachments, pool toys and more will be discounted to help you beat the heat!


Get 50 balloons, plus an easy to use knot tier!  Attach the filler to a hose, fill your balloon, then twist it, drop the end thru the knot tier, pull off and you're good to go!


For anyone lucky enough to be headed to the pool this is super fun!  Fill the eggs, drop them in the pool, then race to find a match!  If you like swimming after dive sticks, this will be your new favorite thing!


We feel this speaks for itself.  Fireman themed squirt gun.  Awesome.

Hope you have a "cool" day!

-Child's Play