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Weekend Gear: Beat the Heat

ToysMegan PeronaComment

This weekend stop in our air-conditioned store to pick up a few "keep cool" fun essentials. toys_in_portland_smakaball

Check out our newest backyard and/or pool game, Smak Ball!  Catch the inflatable ball in the Smak Hoop, then hit, bop or flick it back at your opponent.  Sized for child or adult play, it works great as a leisurely game of catch or a competitive team game!  Fun in the pool or park!


Affordable water guns are a hot commodity in the summertime, and we have just the one.  Only $4.99, large enough tank to cool each other off and available in lunar blue or galaxy red.  Pick some up on your way to the park!


Maybe running around in the heat, even if water is involved, isn't your thing?  No problem, we've got lots of "sit in the shade" toys, like these Lanyard Makers we just got in yesterday!  Made by the same people who brought you The Friendship Bracelet Maker, now there is an easy, tangle free way to make lanyards.  This kit comes with everything you need; laces, beads, key rings and backpack clips (you have to have a way to show off your handiwork!)  Plus, visit their website for video tutorials and really cool patterns!

Whatever you end up doing this weekend, we hope it goes swimmingly!

Happy Weekend!

-Child's Play