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Weekend Gear: Brand Spankin' New!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Here's our picks for exciting toys to liven up your weekend! Portland_Toys_bike_brightz

Be cool!  Be seen!  These new, ultra-bright bike lights are definitely the coolest, and safest way to travel!  LED lights blast bright beams of light in 4 modes: constant, flashing - slow, medium or fast.  Available in 6 colors.  Plus, they install in less than 30 seconds!  Zena tried them out on her bike commute last night, and said they are "so awesome!"


Launch it!  Pick up an easy-to-use, no-tangle Afterburner Launch Tube paratrooper set and get flying!  Load your paratrooper into the tube, swing the launch tube upward and watch your paratrooper soar!  No need to find a second story to drop your parachute man from!


Let's go fishing!  But, let's just go fishing in the backyard.  This magnetic fishing set is as functional as it is beautiful.  Each fish is made from a different type of wood, and finished with a harmless linseed oil.  The finish gives a natural feel, scent and texture that is as safe as it is fun.  Plus, the faces on the fish are the happiest thing ever!  Great baby shower gift!

And, in conclusion to our nostalgia week (in which we shared our staff and their best childhood toy memories), we have Lily enjoying the greatest toy of all time!


Have the most SPECTACULAR weekend ever!

-Child's Play