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Weekend Gear: Camping

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Have any weekend plans?  Some of our staff is going camping with their families, so we've been thinking about the best camping gear you can buy at the toy store.  Here's a few of our ideas: Portland_Toys_Outdoor_boochie

First, you need a game that everyone can play.  Boochie is similar to Bocce Ball - throw out the target, then try to land your bean bag or hoop as close to it as possible.  But, in Boochie you're not just tossing your bean bag - you're throwing, kicking and bowling with it!  The handy wrist tracker gives you a new challenge every turn.  You might have to throw it behind your back, between your legs or with your eyes closed!


Secondly, you need some adventure supplies.  While hiking around the campground it will probably be necessary to catch some bugs.  This jar has an easy to twist ventilated lid, sturdy handle and comes with a plastic praying mantis, in case you just want to catch pretend bugs.


Third...more games!  Have you played Tenzi, the frenzied dice game?  It's awesome.  And, has a relatively open play idea.  Each player gets ten dice, someone says ”Go,” then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until someone gets all their dice on the same number.  Or instead of the same number you can have everyone roll 2 full houses.  Or once you get them all on the same number you have to stack them into a tower.  Or play in teams like a relay race.  Or...  So, to help you come up with lots of ways to play, Tenzi has created these handy idea cards.  You'll be playing Tenzi all night!

What are your favorite fun things to take camping?

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

-Child's Play