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Weekend Gear: Favorites - new and old

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Toys_in_Portland_forbidden_desert Does your family love Forbidden Island?  Well, this is Gamewright's new spin-off, Forbidden Desert.  Work together to find the legendary flying machine buried deep in the ruins of an ancient city.  Use all your resources to survive scorching heat, relentless sandstorms and possibly the occasional team squabble.  Game play is unique each time, and takes about 45 minutes.  This Child Play Kid approves.

Portland_Toys_forbidden desert_kids_Game


Color it in, then make it pop!  Each poster has special fold out sections to make your poster pop.  Fold out the wings on a butterfly, the tail on a tiger or the petals on a flower.  Easy to create 3-D artwork with no tape or glue!


And, to top off our favorites list we have an old classic.  Sal and her mom go out to pick blueberries, but so do mama bear and baby bear.  A slight mix-up occurs when baby bear and Sal wander off, but don't worry - everything works out fine.  And, everyone gets to eat blueberries!  These pages are one of the most perfect embodiments of summertime.

Have a fantastic weekend!

-Child's Play

P.S.  Our neighbors are throwing a big block party on Saturday!