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Weekend Happenings Feb. 11 & 12

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Happy Weekend! Yesterday we shared our hot air balloon display, and today we want to show you our festive DIY Valentine's Decorations!



To make your own you'll need:

2-5 Feather Boas (depending on the size of boa and hula hoop)

1 Hula Hoop

Ribbon or String or anything else to tie the boa to the hoop

Step 1  Wrap your feather boa around the hula hoop.  Make sure to wrap tight enough that your hula hoop doesn't show through.

Step 2 When you get to the end of a boa tie it to the hula hoop so it doesn't unravel.  Repeat steps 1 and 2, as needed.

Step 3 Hang and enjoy!  Then head out to enjoy some of the weekend happenings below!

Weekend Happenings

Agate and Mineral Show at OMSI Saturday and Sunday 9:30-5:30, Free with admission.  Explore the wonders of geology at the 61st annual Agate & Mineral Show. Enjoy a wide array of beautiful cabochons (cut, shaped, and polished rocks) including agate, jasper, and obsidian from the Pacific Northwest.

Take a Family Tour of the Portland Art Museum Sunday 12:30-1:30, free with admission.  Take a tour of the art museum with a docent skilled at engaging visitors of all ages.

Have an absolutely fantastic weekend!!

-Child's Play