Child's Play Toy Store in Portland

Weekend Must-Haves! #1

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Clockwise from left:  Bake & Decorate Cupcakes, Ages 3+  now $17.99.  

Felt Sandwich Set, Ages 3+  now $17.99.  Wooden Sushi Set, Ages 3+  now $17.99.

Play food is one of the best toy categories for preschool aged kids.  Great for building imagination and hand-eye coordination.  Have a picky eater?  Play food can help broaden horizons.  Plus, what kid doesn't want to imitate grown-up tasks like cooking, chopping and baking.

X-6 Zoom Rocketz, Ages 8+  $29.99

New from Zing!  Blast 6 rockets in rapid fire action!  This air-powered rocket is easy to use, safe for outside play and ready to fly!  Swoosh!

T-rexcavator, Ages 5+  $19.99

Excavate the bones of a buried T-Rex!  Similar to Operation, use the attached tweezers to excavate all the bones.  But, watch out!  If you touch the side of the excavation area the dino will ROAR!  

Have an AWESOME weekend!

-Child's Play