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Weekend Must Haves #3

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Skyrocopter, Ages 3+  $9.99

Let the fun fly!  No batteries required.  Just pull the string to this spinning machine - up to 50 feet into the sky!  

Baby Bop Bag, Ages 6 months+  $14.99

Jingles and bounces back to baby!  This frog is so cute and such an easy to play with toy!  Blow it up, add a little sand or water in the base (for weight), and you're good to go!  Kind of like a baby version of the classic Bozo Punch Bags.  Come try it out in our infant play section!

Hide & Eek, Ages 3+  $22.99

Going camping?  This book will be a hit once the sun sets.  Flip through the book in daylight and it seems, well...honestly...a little boring.  But shine a flashlight on it and a whole world of hidden pictures are revealed.  

Have the greatest weekend ever!

-Child's Play