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Weekend Must Haves #5

ToysMegan PeronaComment

X-6 Zoom Rocketz, Ages 8+  $29.99  

New from Zing!  Blast 6 rockets in rapid fire action!  This air-powered rocket is easy to use, safe for outside play and ready to fly!  Swoosh!

Black Light Message Board, Ages 5+  $24.99

Display your artwork - even at night!  Create cool neon drawings and glowing messages.  Use the included stencils and stickers or go free form with your own ideas!    

Labyrinth, Ages 7+  $32.99

This classic game is a race for treasure in a moving maze!  Each player is trying to collect as many treasures as possible, but your opponents are constantly thwarting your plans.  On each turn players add a maze piece to the board, in turn changing the maze and possibly blocking another player from their treasure.  Lots of strategy and a little luck make this game fun for kids and adults!

What are your weekend must haves?

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